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    CalPERS Employer News Winter/Spring 2011

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 36,499 bytes, Date: 8/09/2011)

    Photo Credit: Rachid Dahnoun Continued on page 4 The Year of my|CalPERS within your organization who has the responsibility of managing users of the my|CalPERS system. Chief Executive Offi cer: Anne Stausboll Chief ...

    Carbon Disclosure Project Report 2006

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 157,103 bytes, Date: 1/30/2007)

    Rising fossil fuel prices and concern with security of supply, increased demands for energy in all parts of the world, price hikes and public concerns over climate change make Electric Utility companies very sensitive ...

    Circular Letter # 310--14-13, Meeting Notice of the CalPERS Board of Administration, Its Committees and Advisory Panels

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 17,323 bytes, Date: 4/17/2013)

    There is a 3-minute limitation on each public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Board President. 4) The Board may adjourn into Closed Session to deliberate on any Proposed Decision(s) or Petition(s) for ...

    Agenda Item 10 Attachment H Exhibits 38 - 42: Board of Administration June 19, 2013

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 142,242 bytes, Date: 6/13/2013)

    The demurrer of defendant Rizzo to the fourth cause of action is sustained 26 without leave to amend on the ground of failure to state facts sufficient to constitute a 27 cause of action. 28 -11Attachment H Respondents ...

    Legislatve Summary

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 260,898 bytes, Date: 9/27/2013)

    AB 2250 Harkey 04/14/2010FailPed assage PublicEmployees' Retiremenembter:sSafety M Would have tprovhat iedmedployees represented by State Bargaining Units 5 (CHP), 6 (Corrections), 8 (Firefighters), 9 (Professional ...

    Patterson Irrigation District

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 32,027 bytes, Date: 1/16/2014)

    Purpose of Section 1 This section 1 report for the MISCELLANEOUS PLAN of the PATTERSON IRRIGATION DISTRICT of the CaliforniaPublic Employees' Ras eptirepared bmy the nt Plan SAcytuastery in mord(eCar tolP: ERS)w

    2014 CalPERS Board Election Candidate Forum Transcript

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 68,144 bytes, Date: 9/19/2014)

    2014 CalPERS Board Election Candidate Forum Transcript. w protect our investments, then we could end up with continued periodic frequent market downturns and that is something we all cannot afford. Members have full- ...

    Item 5a- CalPERS 2014-16 Business Plan

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 20,292 bytes, Date: 4/08/2014)

    Item 5a- CalPERS 2014-16 Business Plan. to produce accounting valuations that provide employers with the pension cost information they need to comply with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 68 (December ...

    Agenda Item 9a Attachment 1

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 27,937 bytes, Date: 8/11/2014)

    During the second quarter of 2014, staff did not vote at 4 company meetings due to share blocking ? casting votes at these meetings would have prevented the rebalancing of portfolios.

    Agenda Item 7a - Attachment 5

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 94,978 bytes, Date: 8/11/2014)

    Agenda Item 7a - Attachment 5. (17.28) (17.01) (7.09) - W Capital Partners 65 0.2 (8.39) (9.38) (9.38) (3.74) 11.94 4.23 Wayzata Opportunities Fund 131 0.4 1.87 30.58 30.58 19.47 26.03 - Wellspring Capital Management 49 ...

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