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    Pay Rate & Service Credit

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 15,588 bytes, Date: 7/10/2012)

    Payments for unused vacation, annual leave, personal leave, sick leave, or compensated time off. Payments for overtime, including pay in lieu of vacation or holiday.

    faq sick leave

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 3,184 bytes, Date: 11/22/2011)

    Contact your employer to determine if you will receive payment for unused sick leave. Vacation and other types of leave time cannot be converted to service credit. Contact your personn for their policy regarding unused ...

    Precedential Decision No. 99-02

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 34,047 bytes, Date: 2/09/2004)

    Precedential Decision No. 99-02. of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States; (5) any amount deducted from the member's salary for payment into a money purchase pension plan and trust which meets the requirements ...

    Compensation Review

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 62,527 bytes, Date: 11/07/2013)

    However, if a miscellaneous member uses accrued leave credits such as vacation, sick leave or compensated time off (CTO), the compensation attributable to the used leave credits are reportable to CalPERS. PAY RATE "Pay ...

    CalPERS Payroll for School Employers Webinar

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 25,837 bytes, Date: 6/18/2013)

    One additional item you must report on your payroll are hours for retired annuitants. They will receive an hourly pay rate, no benefits like vacation or sick leave time. They must not exceed 960 hours in a fiscal year, ...

    Agenda Item 7a: Attachment 1

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 13,047 bytes, Date: 6/09/2013)

    OFAS allocates a block of hours on the audit planto respond to ad hoc requests that arise during the fiscal year. Agenda Item 7a ? Attachment 1 Page 8 of 8 Office of Audit ServicesAudit Plan 8 TOTAL HOURS BY AUDIT ...

    CalPERS Webinar - Business Rules

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 24,554 bytes, Date: 2/19/2013)

    So not a payout of vacation or sick leave time. Using the dropdown arrow, select the pay rate type such as hourly, daily, monthlyis. Enter the corresponding dollar amount, so if it's hourly, you need to enter an hourly ...

    In the Matter of the Appeal Regarding Calculation of Final Compensation of : Craig F. Woods and Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 30,728 bytes, Date: 11/06/2012)

    In the Matter of the Appeal Regarding Calculation of Final Compensation of : Craig F. Woods and Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency. paid at the hourly rate of$76.99. Respondent] shall provide Employer with a record of ...

    Agenda Item 5a-01

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 12,525 bytes, Date: 8/07/2012)

    OFAS allocates a block of hours on the audit plan to respond to ad hoc request that arise during the fiscal year. my|CalPERS user access controls Assess the adequacy of and effectiveness of controls over user access to ...


    (File Type: HTML, File Size: 3,272 bytes, Date: 7/02/2012)

    Benefit eligibility may depend on length of service and may be subject to collective bargaining agreements, which are contracts negotiated between the State of California and employee organizations that define employees ...

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