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    CalPERS Members: Early Career Basics

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 42,068 bytes, Date: 12/23/2014)

    Compensation is defined as payment to employees for services performed during normal work hours or for time during which employees use vacation, CTO, sick leave or other leave balances.

    CalPERS California Initiative 2008

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 47,946 bytes, Date: 12/01/2014)

    At both Phase I and GSIF portfolio companies, job quality ? comprised of medical coverage, retirement plans, and paid sick and vacation leave ? compares favorably to job quality at companies in California and the United ...

    Agenda Item 7d - Attachment 3

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 58,966 bytes, Date: 10/31/2014)

    Phase I companies compare favorably to U.S companies as a whole in the provision of retirement benefits, sick leave and paid vacation. To accurately represent job quality for lower income workers, many of whom are ...

    Agenda Item 2: Full Board Hearing - Christine Monsen Attachment H

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 56,853 bytes, Date: 10/08/2014)

    Agenda Item 2: Full Board Hearing - Christine Monsen Attachment H. law, the CalPERS Board of Administration sets the employer contribution rate on an annual basis. Ill The amount of a member's service retirement ...

    Fact Sheet: Pensionable Compensation Regulations

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 6,527 bytes, Date: 9/19/2014)

    Fact Sheet: Pensionable Compensation Regulations. Fact Sheet: Pensionable Compensation Regulations calpers; pers; pensions; for the record; pensionable compensation; media; pensionable; pension California Public ...

    PEPRA Implementation Update Attach 1

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 17,034 bytes, Date: 11/10/2014)

    The entire retirement allowance shall be paid for time on and after the person vacates the elective office in the monthly amount payable had the allowance not been suspended. These appointments shall not exceed a ...

    Exhibit II.4.C _Rider F_.doc

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 21,633 bytes, Date: 5/08/2006)

    For each hour such credit shall be in the amount of 1/20th of the basic monthly maintenance for each Contractor-furnished component which is inoperative as a result of

    CalPERS Disability Retirement Election Application

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 144,655 bytes, Date: 4/17/2015)

    Your Name Social Security Number or CalPERS ID Mail to: CalPERS Beneft Services Division ? P.O. Box 942711, Sacramento, California 94229-2711 Accumulated hours must be converted to days using the appropriate conversion ...

    Public Agency & Schools Guide - Benefits Procedures Revision History

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 46,556 bytes, Date: 12/19/2014)

    NOTE: Sick leave/educational leave information must be reported in 8 hour days only.

    retirement options transcript

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 35,117 bytes, Date: 3/25/2015)

    Now here's where you'll let the system know if you expect to have any unused sick leave at retirement. John selects yes because he has 500 hours of unused sick leave that he wishes to have calculated into his estimate.

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