Public Records Requests

Public records maintained by CalPERS are available for public inspection. Under Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48, you can make a Public Records Act request by completing our online form below or by calling the CalPERS Office of Stakeholder Relations at (916) 795-3055.

Note: If you are a CalPERS member or beneficiary who is requesting personal account information, please Contact Us or call us at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).

Guidelines for Accessing Public Records

Review these important procedures before submitting your request.

Submit Your Request Online

Use our online form to submit your public records request to CalPERS.

Check Your Request Status

Check the status of your request using the tracking number that was provided to you.

Public Records Request Summary Reports

Find a monthly summary of requests detailing the name of the requestor, affiliation and a general description of the material requested.

Email Us

Have questions? Email our Office of Stakeholder Relations.

Dated: 11-07-2013