FAQs - CalPERS Ethics Helpline

Why did CalPERS create an ethics helpline?

It's part of our continued efforts to ensure accountability, fairness and integrity in the workplace. Everyone has an important role to play in creating an environment where trust and integrity thrive. This helpline provides a means to confidentially report potential unethical behavior to a third party.

How does it work?

Individuals with concerns can call toll-free (866) 513-4216 or TTY at (866) 294-9572, or send in a report from a safe and secure website.

What are the helpline's hours of operation?

The CalPERS Ethics Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both online and by phone.

What types of complaints can be made?

The CalPERS Ethics Helpline can be used to report unethical allegations of improper business activity or misconduct, such as fraud, waste and abuse. It can also be used to report conflict of interest, safety violations and sexual harassment allegations.

What happens after a complaint is made?

The complaint will be evaluated and action will be taken when appropriate.

Are the reports kept confidential?

Yes. All reports are confidential and secure.

If I call the CalPERS Ethics Helpline, will they record my calls?

No. The EthicsPoint telephone staff will take notes of your call. The staff will then confirm with you the notes taken during your call. Your call will not be recorded.

Can EthicsPoint trace my call using caller identification?

No. Caller identification is disabled for incoming calls.

If I file a report online, can it be traced to my computer?

No. If the report is made online, no cookies will be stored or tracked. CalPERS employees are advised not to make reports from their work computers.

Can I make my report in my native language?

Yes. Please select your language on the website or call one of the toll-free numbers for assistance.

Who runs it?

CalPERS Ethics Helpline is operated by EthicsPoint, Inc., which has 2,300 clients in 300 industries. Its call center workers are specially trained, handling reports from 120 countries in more than 150 languages. They are committed to prompt and confidential treatment of the concerns raised by CalPERS employees, contractors and the general public.

Dated: 09-09-2010