Your Personal Information & How It's Used

According to Government Code Section 11015.5, electronically collected personal information is any information maintained by an agency identifying or describing an individual user, including, but not limited to, their name, Social Security number, physical description, home address, home telephone number, education, financial matters, medical or employment history, password, electronic mail address, and information that reveals any network location or identity. It excludes any information manually submitted to CalPERS by a user, whether electronically or in writing, and information on or relating to individuals who are users or serving in a business capacity, including, but not limited to, business owners, officers, or principals of that business.

CalPERS is committed to protecting your confidential member information and has taken steps to ensure your information is protected.


Each CalPERS member is assigned a unique 10-digit identifier, which we refer to as the CalPERS Identifcation Number (CalPERS ID).

You can use your CalPERS ID as an alternative to your Social Security number when conducting any CalPERS business including CalPERS forms and business transactions.

Your CalPERS ID will stay with you as your status with CalPERS changes. Whether you retire or go to work for another employer, your CalPERS ID will always remain the same.

How to Find Your CalPERS ID

You can find your CalPERS ID using any of the following methods:

  • Log in to my|CalPERS. Select the Profile tab and then select Personal Information.
  • Refer to any correspondence from CalPERS, such as your Annual Member Statement.
  • Contact Us to speak with a customer service representative.

If you haven't registered for my|CalPERS, simply select the Participant option and Continue, followed by Register Now. You will need to create a username and password to obtain secure online access to your CalPERS account information.

Personal Information Transmitted Online

CalPERS automatically collects the following information via our websites or online services:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name. The IP address is the numerical identifier assigned either to your Internet service provider or directly to your computer.
  • The type of browser and operating system you use.
  • The date and time you visited.
  • The Web pages or services you accessed.
  • The website you visited prior to coming to this site.
  • The website you visit as you leave this site.
  • If you downloaded a form or publication and what you downloaded.

When you use our online services, we may require information to provide those services to you. This may include the following:

  • Information about you such as your name, address, Social Security Number, date of birth, etc.
  • The type of service being provided, such as registering for a class.
  • Information related to your health care plan. Review the CalPERS Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF, 54 KB) for information on how we use and protect your health care information.

Protection of Personal Information

We are committed to protecting your personal information. For this purpose, CalPERS implemented the following procedures and technology:

  • Information you transmit to us and information we send to your browser will always use an appropriate encryption process.
  • Emails that contain sensitive information will be sent to you encrypted.
  • Employee access to customer information is limited to those who have a business reason to access the information.
  • Policies and procedures to maintain the proper security of information databases, applications, networks, and physical records.
  • Physical security and technological means to prevent unauthorized access to your information. This includes firewalls, anti-virus protection, real-time monitoring, and other techniques.

Use of Electronic Cookies

The CalPERS websites use electronic "cookies" to collect and temporarily store various types of information. Cookies are simple text files stored on your computer by your Web browser. The information from cookies is used to monitor website traffic patterns, to collect and aggregate anonymous data about website use and to help us better meet the information needs of our visitors. Cookies created on your computer by using our websites do not contain personal information and do not compromise your privacy or security.

Our online services, such as the Retirement Estimate Calculator, Service Credit Cost Estimator, etc. use cookies to track the information you input into the program. The cookie allows the programs to operate correctly and know where to return the business transaction results. CalPERS does not retain the information you enter into the program. Once you leave the specific program, your information is deleted from our website databases.

You can refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file from your computer. However, if you turn your cookies option off, some of our online services may not be accessible.

How Your Personal Information Is Used

CalPERS automatically collects or stores information used to improve the content of our websites and to help us understand how our online services are being used. This information does not identify you personally and is used for gathering website statistics. We make no attempt to link other websites with the individuals who browse our websites.

Any information you submit through one of our online services will be used only to complete CalPERS-related business. Government Code Section 11015.5 (a)(6) prohibits all State agencies from distributing or selling any electronically collected personal information about a user to any third party without the permission of the user. CalPERS does not sell any electronically collected personal information.

Government Code Section 20230 states that information about CalPERS members is to be treated as confidential and that, unless otherwise provided by law, can only be used to carry out the provisions of the Public Employees’ Retirement Law.

Your Voluntary Use of The Site & Online Services

If you chose to use an online service that asks for specific information (e.g., completing a request for assistance, subscribing to an e-newsletter, personalizing the content of the website, sending an email, participating in an online survey, completing any online transaction, or submitting information within an online service), more detailed data will be collected. It is voluntary for you to engage in these activities.

If you choose to submit information to us, it will be securely transmitted to our internal databases. It will only be used for the purpose it was provided, and will not be shared with another entity. If we need to coordinate efforts with other parties, such as the State Controller’s Office, employers, or health plans, it will only be used to conduct the CalPERS-related business, including electronic notifications of educational events and surveys.

The use of CalPERS On-Line and my|CalPERS is voluntary, and if you do not wish to conduct electronic business with CalPERS, our staff is available to assist you by phone at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377) or you can visit one of our eight Regional Offices located throughout the State.

Dated: 12-13-2013