Working after Retirement

Employment after Retirement

After retirement you may consider working to earn extra money or to occupy your time. But before you return to work for your former employer or any other CalPERS employer, it is important you understand the specific post retirement employment restrictions required of CalPERS retirees. Effective January 1, 2013, if you are not already working as a retired annuitant, you cannot be employed by a CalPERS employer for a period of 180 days after your retirement date, except under certain conditions without reinstating from retirement. Contact the employer for the exceptions. The 180 day wait period provision applies without exception if you receive a Golden Handshake or any other employer incentive to retire.

  • To learn more about working after retirement, review our Employment after Retirement (PUB 33) (PDF, 166 KB) publication. It describes the basic employment restrictions for all CalPERS retirees. It also contains a request to work form specifically for disability or industrial disability retirees.

Please review this information carefully since violation of the post-retirement employment laws and regulations can result in your mandatory reinstatement from retirement. This would stop your retirement benefits and require you to repay the retirement benefits you received during any period of unlawful employment. These restrictions apply whether you have a service, disability, or industrial disability retirement.

Reinstatement from Retirement

If you decide to reinstate from retirement and return to active employment with a CalPERS employer, you must first submit a reinstatement application, preferably well in advance of your reinstatement date. This will ensure your retirement allowance is canceled timely so that you do not incur an overpayment of retirement allowance. Upon reinstatement your CalPERS member account is restored so that you again accrue retirement service credit.

  • To learn more about reinstating into active employment, review our Reinstatement from Retirement (PUB 37) (PDF, 165 KB) publication. This publication has the forms needed to request approval for reinstatement.

Dated: 08-09-2013