Retirement Benefit Formula Charts

Three factors are used to calculate your monthly service retirement benefit: years of service, your final compensation, and your benefit factor (based on your age).

Your years of service can be found on your CalPERS Annual Member Statement. You should add in any planned future service. Final compensation is your highest average full-time monthly pay rate for a 1-year or 3-year period based on membership date, bargaining unit, or employer contract provisions at the time you retire. The benefit factor is determined by your age at retirement. It is the percent of your final compensation you receive for each year of service. You can find your benefit factor on the appropriate chart for your membership category below.

You can find complete information on your specific retirement benefits by reviewing your Member Benefit Publication. Be sure you use the correct benefit formula chart by choosing your membership category below. If you are not sure of your benefit formula, check with your personnel office.

School Member Benefit Formula Charts

The benefit formula charts for school members.

State Member Benefit Formula Charts

The benefit formula charts for the different State member formulas.

Local Members Benefit Formula Charts

The benefit charts for local public agency formulas.

Dated: 01-01-2013