Getting Divorced

Review the information below to see how getting divorced impacts your coverage or benefits in the following CalPERS programs.

Your Retirement

  • Your CalPERS benefits are considered community property under California law. You should contact the CalPERS Community Property Unit to see how this may impact the benefits you are receiving now if you are already retired, or your future retirement benefits if still working. CalPERS will need a copy of your property settlement agreement.
  • Be sure to review your Beneficiary Designation form. Your dissolution of marriage revokes a designation you may currently have on file with CalPERS. There are separate Beneficiary Designation forms you need to complete if you are still working or retired, so be sure you use the correct version.
  • If you're retired, you may need to review your current tax withholding and exemptions. Log in to your my|CalPERS account to make changes, or complete our Tax Withholding Election (PDF) form.
  • You may also want to review your current Power of Attorney, or consider completing a CalPERS Special Power of Attorney (PDF) form.

Your Health Benefits Coverage

  • You must remove your ex-spouse from your health plan. Their entitlement to coverage ends at midnight on the last day of the month that your marriage dissolution is final.
  • If you are still working, contact your personnel office to have your ex-spouse removed from your health plan. Your employer will need a copy of your divorce decree.
  • If you are retired, Contact Us to have your ex-spouse removed from your health plan. We will need a copy of your divorce decree.

Your Long-Term Care Coverage

  • If your ex-spouse's monthly premium payments were deducted from your pay check or retirement check, contact our Long-Term Care Customer Service to have the premium deduction amount changed.

Your Supplemental Income Plans

  • If the member was a part of the CalPERS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (for public agency and school members only), or the State Savings Plus Program, the CalPERS Supplemental Contributions Plan, or the State Peace Officers' & Firefighters' Defined Contributions Plan, which are available to State members, you should contact the employer or the savings plan to review and modify your beneficiary information as needed.

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Dated: 08-20-2014