Provider Access at Medical Groups

We work with the California Cooperative Healthcare Reporting Initiative to collect and report information on access to care at medical groups. For each region, we've gathered data from two sources, a written survey and a telephone survey. The information is presented in chart format, broken out by region.

Medical group responses to selected written questions show:

  • The percent of patients who received routine and urgent appointments from their primary care physician, or appointments with specialists, as soon as they wanted
  • The percentage of members who stated they received medical advice from their doctor's office as soon as they needed it when they called after hours.
  • A composite score that shows the percent of overall patient satisfaction with access to care

Medical group responses to telephone survey questions show:

  • The percentage of the time the medical group's providers gave correct emergency instructions to a caller who called with a possible emergency.

The charts also show whether urgent care is available for all the listed medical groups. If urgent care access is important to you, and there is no information listed for the medical group, you can call the medical group or the health plan and ask about the arrangements for urgent care in your area.

Please note: For Kaiser, the medical groups available are Southern California Permanente Medical Group in Southern California and The Permanente Medical Group for regions in northern California. For Blue Shield, all of the medical groups are available except the Permanente Medical Groups.

Select a region to review the patient access scores of each surveyed medical group in that region now:

Southern California (PDF, 20 KB)
Northern California (PDF, 11 KB)
San Diego (PDF, 10 KB)
Central Coast (PDF, 8 KB)

Dated: 09-23-2008