Targeted Investment Programs

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Targeted Investment Programs provides total fund coordination across all asset classes at CalPERS. The Targeted Investment Programs does this by establishing a total fund strategic approach focused on appropriate risk-adjusted returns for investment programs and policies that are designed to have positive impacts, acting as a liaison between the Investment Office and interested stakeholders including advocacy groups and labor organizations; coordinating and reporting on various legislative and Board mandates and initiatives; and developing and implementing communications and outreach plans. See the video above for more details.

The CalPERS Investment Committee adopted a set of 10 Investment Beliefs that will provide a basis for strategic management of the investment portfolio, inform organizational priorities, and ensure alignment between the Board and CalPERS staff. The Targeted Investment Programs address many of the Investment Beliefs. Learn more about the CalPERS Beliefs (PDF).

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Sep 9, 2015 Emerging and Diverse Manager Day at CalPERS
Sep 10, 2015 CalPERS Diversity Forum at the Sacramento Convention Center

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Dated: 05-12-2015