Investment & Risk Management Policies

Please select the policy subject area you are interested in from the choices below.

Benchmarks (PDF)

Policy related to asset class and program benchmarks.

Credit Enhancement Program (PDF)

Policy related to the Credit Enhancement Program.

Divestment (PDF)

Policy related to Divestment.

Global Derivatives and Counterparty Risk (PDF)

Policy related to use of derivatives by the CalPERS Investment Office and external money managers.

Leverage (PDF)

Policy related to the use of leverage.

Opportunistic Program (PDF)

Policy related to the Opportunistic Program.

Risk Management (PDF)

Policy related to Risk Management.

Role of Private Asset Class Board Investment Consultants (PDF)

Policy related to the roles of the Private Asset Class Board Investment Consultants.

Securities Lending (PDF)

Policy related to Securities Lending.

CalPERS Specific Glossary of Terms (PDF)

You'll find a listing of many CalPERS specific terms you'll encounter while reviewing the CalPERS Investment Policies.

Dated: 10-28-2014