Glossary of CalPERS Investment Policy Terms

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Investment Policy Statement Glossary

View our Glossary relating to investment policy statements.

Asset Allocation Glossary

View definitions of terms related to asset allocation policies.

Absolute Return Strategies Program Glossary

You’ll find a Glossary of terms here related to the ARS Program policies.

Global Equity Glossary

Review the Glossary for policies related to our active and passive management of U.S. and international equity investments.

Global Fixed Income Glossary

View terms related to the policies for our internally and externally managed fixed income investment policies.

Inflation Assets Glossary

View our Inflation Assets Glossary here.

Multi-Asset Class Partners Program Glossary

View terms related to managing multi-asset class (MAC) investments.

Private Equity (PE) Glossary

You'll find a glossary of terms here related to the PE Program policies.

Real Assets Glossary

This is the Glossary for various real asset investment policies, including Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Forestland.

Ethics Glossary

Here you'll find meanings for terms relating to investment ethics and related policies.

Investment & Risk Management Glossary

View our Investment & Risk Management Policy Glossary here.

Operations Glossary

View the Operations Glossary of terms and related policies here.

Shareowner Activities Glossary

Access our Glossary of Terms and policies pertaining to shareowner activities.

Other (Non-PERF) Investment Portfolios Glossary

View our Non-PERF Investment Portfolio Glossary of terms and related policies.

Dated: 11-09-2012