Global Fixed Income Glossary

This Glossary identifies, defines, and clarifies the meaning of investment terms used by CalPERS in our investment policies. The purpose of the Glossary is to establish a uniform vocabulary of terms for users of these policies.

Choose from the letters below to find a specific Global Fixed Income Investment Policy term or phrase. You'll also find information about the related policies and asset classes for each term.

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General Pension Consultant - An individual or organization that provides specialized professional assistance to the Investment Committee in determining the pension fund's asset allocation model or optimal combination of investments in order to maximize risk-adjusted investment returns in a manner consistent with the State's long-term pension liabilities.

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Global Debt - Debt issued by a national government, subnational entity or corporation denominated in the U.S. dollar or other major currency and issued in major markets, typically New York or London, under the laws of those markets.

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Government Sponsored Securities - Issuer that benefits from sponsorship with or underlying guarantee from a single or multiple sovereign or regional government entity.

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