Asset Allocation Glossary

This Glossary identifies, defines, and clarifies the meaning of investment terms used by CalPERS in our investment policies. The purpose of the Glossary is to establish a uniform vocabulary of terms for users of these policies.

Choose from the letters below to find a specific Asset Allocation Investment Policy term or phrase. You'll also find information about the related policies and asset classes for each term.

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General Pension Consultant - An individual or organization that provides specialized professional assistance to the Investment Committee in determining the pension fund's asset allocation model or optimal combination of investments in order to maximize risk-adjusted investment returns in a manner consistent with the State's long-term pension liabilities.

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Glidepath - The pre-determined asset mix and asset allocation for a series of Target Date Retirement Funds. The glidepath automatically adjusts the asset allocation each year to achieve the appropriate risk and return for each stage of a participant's life.

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