CalPERS Investments

As the nation's largest public pension fund with assets totaling $300.1 billion as of February 28, 2015, CalPERS investments span domestic and international markets.

The CalPERS Board of Administration has investment authority and sole fiduciary responsibility for the management of CalPERS assets. With the Board's guidance, the CalPERS Investment Committee and Investment Office carry out the daily activities of the investment program.

CalPERS has generated strong long-term returns by effectively managing investments to achieve the highest possible return at an acceptable level of risk. The CalPERS portfolio is diversified into several asset classes, so any weaknesses in one area are offset by gains in another. The Board follows a strategic asset allocation policy that targets the percentage of funds invested in each asset class.

2014 CalPERS Emerging & Diverse Manager Forum

Review the agenda, presentations and watch videos of all the sessions at the 2014 CalPERS Emerging & Diverse Manager Forum.

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CalPERS Investment News

Read current investment, global governance news and Targeted Investment Programs news.

CalPERS Assets

Review information on our asset allocation, current investment fund value, California investments, equities, fixed income, inflation-linked and real estate investment programs.

Targeted Investment Programs

View information on CalPERS Emerging Manager Five-Year Plan, Investment Office Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, California investments, and Responsible Contractor Programs.

CalPERS Risk Management System

The CalPERS Risk Management System helps us measure, monitor and manage investment risk.

Global Governance Website

Find everything you need to know about our Global Governance program and shareowner activities.

Environmental Investment Initiatives

Learn how CalPERS captures investment opportunities and minimizes potential risks presented by climate change.

Equity Brokerage Questionnaire

Complete our online questionnaire to help us evaluate current brokers and identify emerging brokerage firms interested in doing business with CalPERS.

Annual Investment & Financial Reports

Review annual investment reports from 2002 to the present, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Facts at a Glance.

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Dated: 05-08-2015