Environmental Investment Initiatives

We have a strong track record of mobilizing financial capital in new and innovative ways, consistent with the highest fiduciary standards. We are just starting to explore ways in which it can marry the jet stream of finance and the capital markets with public purpose. Our goals are to achieve positive financial returns, while fostering energy savings, sustainable growth and sound environmental practices.

Learn about CalPERS investment initiatives by asset class below.

PE Environmental Technology Program

Since early 2007, we have committed $600 million to the Program's investment partners. Learn more about these partners here.

Sustainable Investment

Learn how CalPERS is capturing sustainable investment opportunities and minimizing potential environmental, social and governance risks across our total fund.

Real Estate Environmental Strategies

Learn more about our strategies for environmental investments in the area of real estate.

CalPERS Expansion Project

In 2005, CalPERS completed a 560,000 square foot expansion office project in downtown Sacramento. Integral to the design and construction of the building was a focus on conservation of energy, use of renewable resources and a commitment to meeting LEED certification requirements for a sustainable design building.

Environmental Investment Information Resources

Review staff presentations and CalPERS Board materials related to environmental investing, and access links to industry environmental initiatives.

Dated: 02-11-2013