Current Investment Fund Values

Reflects market value, as of market close on: 3/27/2015.*

Total Market Value $297.7 Billion

Breakdown by Asset Class
Total Value
($ Billion)
Total Public Equity Fund Market Value $160.5
Total Private Equity Fund Market Value** $28.9
Total Income Fund Market Value $54.9
Total Liquidity Fund Market Value** $5.1
Total Real Assets Fund Market Value** $29.6
Total Inflation Fund Market Value** $15.5
Total Absolute Return Strategy Fund Market Value $2.0
Total Overlay, Transition, and Plan Level $0.01

* These are daily open book market values. Figures are rounded for viewing purposes. Official market values are reported to the Board monthly.

** Real Assets, Growth and some Inflation Market Values reflect values reported on a quarterly basis. These values are lagged one quarter.

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