CalPERS Assets

The CalPERS investment portfolio is diversified into several asset classes. In the long run, a well-diversified portfolio determines our long-term performance, protects the Retirement Fund, and ensures any weaknesses in one area are offset by gains in another.

The CalPERS Board follows a strategic asset allocation policy that targets the percentage of funds to be invested in each asset class.

Absolute Return Strategies

CalPERS is no longer accepting proposals for the Absolute Return Strategies program; however, we invite you to consider the descriptions and strategies outlined below for our asset classes and submit your proposal where appropriate.

Asset Allocation

Find information about the CalPERS asset allocation policy - diversification of our investments among stocks, bonds, cash and other vehicles.

California Investments

Discover how CalPERS investments play an integral part in the California economy.

Current Investment Fund Values

See the current values of our investment fund by asset class.


Learn more about our investments in the U.S. and international stock markets.

Inflation-Linked Assets

Learn more about our inflation-linked investments including commodities and inflation-linked bonds.

International Fixed Income

International fixed income investments are also part of the diversified CalPERS investment portfolio.

Real Assets

CalPERS invests in real estate, infrastructure and forestland holdings here in California and across the nation.

Dated: 09-29-2014