International Fixed Income

Approximately 2 percent of the CalPERS portfolio is committed to investment in this asset class. Our international fixed income investments are managed through the use of external and internal managers. The strategic objective of this program is to gain exposure to non-U.S. dollar fixed income securities and achieve the highest total rate of return. We maintain fixed income investments in more than 32 countries.

Refer to our Asset Allocation  information to find out the amount we currently have invested in fixed income.

Fixed Income Overview

View details of our U.S. cash equivalent and international fixed income programs.

External High Yield Managers

Review a listing of our external high yield managers.

External International Fixed Income Managers

A listing of managers responsible for our external fixed income investments.

External Currency Overlay Managers

Names and contact information for the money managers responsible for part of our currency overlay program.

Dated: 05-25-2012