External Manager Development Program

The CalPERS Manager Development Program was established in May 2000. The goal of the program is to achieve superior investment returns while providing opportunities to new and emerging money managers. It targets firms managing public equity and fixed income securities with less than $2 billion under management. The investment period for MDP I is now closed.

In 2004, CalPERS Board reaffirmed its commitment to investing with emerging managers and approved a second Manager Development Program. The program has similar objectives to our original program and continues our innovative approach to bringing support and life to emerging managers. It is open to firms with less than $2 billion in assets under management in public equity or fixed income securities.

If you are a firm interested in our second Manager Development Program, contact one of our partners below.

Legato Capital Management
111 Pine Street, Suite 1700
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 821-8585

Strategic Investment Management
1001 Nineteenth Street, North 16th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 243-4433

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Current External Manager Development Program Managers

Dated: 09-22-2011