AB 1743 Administering Agencies and Contact Information

AB 1743, Hernandez (2010) defines placement agent as lobbyists in accordance with the Political Reform Act 1974. The law prohibits a person and/or firm from acting as a placement agent in connection with any potential investment made by a public retirement system unless that person is registered as a lobbyist and is in full compliance with the Political Reform Act of 1974 as the act applies to lobbyists.

CalPERS is unable to facilitate a person and/or firm’s registration as a lobbyist. Find information below on the administering agencies, in relation to both AB 1743 and the Political Reform Act of 1974. For complete bill information, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website.

Political Reform Act of 1974
The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has regulatory, interpretive and enforcement authority for provisions of the Political Reform Act.  View the FPPC AB1743 Fact Sheet for more information on the regulation as well as contact detail. You can also call the FPPC at (866) 275-3772 (or 866-ASK-FPPC). 

Administration of AB1743
The California Secretary of State is the filing officer for placement agents who are defined as lobbyists under AB1743. Find information about registration process and requirements on The Secretary of State’s website.

Dated: 01-19-2011