Disability & Industrial Disability Retirement

If your employee has an injury or illness that prevents them from performing their job duties, they may be eligible for a disability retirement. The cause of disability does not need to be related to their employment.

If their disability is the result of a job-related illness or injury, and they are a local or State safety, State peace officer/firefighter, State industrial, State patrol member, or local miscellaneous member whose employer contracts for this benefit, they may be entitled to an industrial disability retirement.

They should apply for their retirement as soon as they believe they are unable to perform their job due to a disability expected to be permanent or last longer than six months. An employer may also file on behalf of their employee.

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The Application Process - Employer Responsibility

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Employer Originated Disability Retirement Applications

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How to Report Disability Fraud

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Disability Retirement Workshop Schedule

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FAQs - Disability & Industrial Disability Retirement

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Enhanced CHP IDR Benefit

Patrol members in Bargaining Unit 5 of the Department of California Highway Patrol (CHP) may be eligible for an enhanced Industrial Disability Retirement Benefit.

FAQs - Enhanced CHP IDR Benefit

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Dated: 04-20-2012