Health Benefits Program

CalPERS allows you to provide a quality health benefits program to your employees while reducing financial risk. Catastrophic illnesses do not affect coverage or premium rates. These rates are negotiated for you and all employers and members on an annual basis. We are active in promoting health education and wellness and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

CalPERS State Health Benefits Guide

Find information on health plan availability, Health Benefits Officer (HBO) roles and responsibilities, eligibility requirements, enrollment, health benefits into retirement, state retiree dental coverage, and health benefits available resources.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Project

Learn how CalPERS will work with an independent firm to validate dependent eligibility and how you can make necessary enrollment changes.

Implementing the Affordable Care Act

Learn more about the regulations for implementing the Affordable Care Act and how they impact employers.

2015 Health Plan Information

Get the information you need on health plan rates for this year.

2015 Health Plan Chooser Poster (PDF)

This poster promotes the easy-to-use online tool that is available year-round to help your employees make plan decisions, including selecting a health plan during Open Enrollment.

Health Plan Search by ZIP Code

Use this service to find the health plans available to your employees.

2015 HMO/PPO Health Plan ZIP Code Listings (PDF, 7.1 MB)

This numerical listing of ZIP Codes shows the HMO/PPO plans available in each county for 2015. Health Plan Codes for reporting and enrollment purposes are included.

Open Enrollment

This year's Open Enrollment takes place in the fall.

Health Care Reform

Learn how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may impact the CalPERS Health Care Program.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

View an introduction to HIPAA and an informative slide show highlighting important aspects of the law.

Monthly Enrollment Summary (PDF)

View information updated monthly on CalPERS Health Program Enrollment.

Health Plan Changes Alert

Find out about current health plan changes that affect your employees.

Health Benefits Overview

Find out what our Health Benefits Program can offer your employees.

Administrative Fee & Contribution Formula

Find information about fees and contribution formulas for providing health coverage.

Understanding Retroactive Health Premium Reimbursements

Learn about limits on reimbursement of retroactive health premiums.

FAQs - Medicare Part D

You'll find answers to help you understand the new prescription drug benefit, Medicare Part D.

Dated: 04-28-2015