How to Do Business with CalPERS

If you're interested in becoming a CalPERS business partner, it's important that you understand the procedures, regulations, and policies that govern our contracting process. Then, be sure to check out our Available Business Opportunities

Elimination of the Good Faith Effort

Since Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill X4 21, the Good Faith Effort provision was eliminated from DVBE statutes. Find details about the new law and business participation requirements.

Health Vendor Proposals

Submit your innovative business concepts to us online.

Contract Solicitation Methods

Learn more about the CalPERS competitive bidding process.

Contract Policies

Review the State of California and CalPERS contracting policies.

Types of CalPERS Contracts

CalPERS uses a variety of contracts and procurement processes to meet our business needs.

Other Contracting Resources

You'll find easy access to other state contracting resources here.

FAQs - Doing Business with CalPERS

Get more information on doing business with CalPERS in these questions and answers.

Dated: 10-10-2011