Strategic & Business Plans


A trusted leader respected by our members and stakeholders for our integrity, innovation and service.


Provide responsible and efficient stewardship of the System to deliver promised retirement and health benefits, while promoting wellness and retirement security for members and beneficiaries.

2012-17 Strategic Plan (PDF, 257 KB)

Read CalPERS Strategic Plan, the blueprint that defines our direction over the long term.

2012-17 Strategic Plan - Annual Report (PDF, 485 KB)

Read about our three strategic goals that address pension and health benefit sustainability, organizational strength and policy engagement.

2013-15 Business Plan (PDF, 169 KB)

Read CalPERS Business Plan, which describes the initiatives we will take over the short-term to reach our strategic goals and objectives.

2013 Workforce Strategic Plan (PDF, 435 KB)

Read the CalPERS Workforce Strategic Plan which describes the short and long-term initiatives we will implement to address our workforce needs.

Core Values & Guiding Principles

Learn about the business values and principles that guide us in our daily work.

Additional Resources

2012-17 Strategic Plan Stakeholder Engagement Report (PDF, 170 KB)
2012-14 Business Plan (PDF, 313 KB)

Dated: 12-03-2013