Information Technology Services Branch

The Information Technology Services Branch (ITSB) partners with CalPERS business stakeholders to design and implement technology solutions that adds business value and delivers customer focused results. These services include system analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, and maintenance for major computer systems and databases. The branch also provides and includes responsibility for technical support and training for personal computers, local area networks, and office automation facilities. In support of innovation, the Branch also conducts research, evaluation, and development of new information technology products and facilities that supports the CalPERS mission.

Business Application Infrastructure Services Division

The Business Application Infrastructure Services Division (BAIS) is responsible for maintaining the technical infrastructure supporting CalPERS business applications. The primary service offerings are:

  • Server Administration – Installation and optimization of server hardware and software to maximize business application performance.
  • Middle Tier Engineering and Administration – Configuration of software products to work seamlessly together to meet a wide range of business needs.
  • Database Engineering and Administration – Storage of and access to business data in secure Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases; performance tuning.
  • Environment Management – Oversight of application environments to ensure their integrity and customer availability; maintenance of secure file exchange between CalPERS business partners; facilitation of business data access via managed web services.
  • System Integration Engineering – Single point of contact for integrating new business application components into the enterprise.

Enterprise Solutions Development Division

The Enterprise Solutions Development Division (ESDD) is responsible for application architecture, application development and maintenance of custom business solutions, as well as integration with commercial off-the-shelf software. They also provide business analysis, user experience design and usability services in support of CalPERS systems, websites and applications.

Technology Innovation and Strategic Services Division

The Technology Innovation & Strategic Services Division (TISS) serves as the primary point of contact for all clients and users of IT services. TISS provides services in five major areas:

  • Provides portfolio reporting and management, project management, project governance, and business solution services to the organization
  • Researches new and emerging technologies for applicable adoption and new opportunities
  • Oversees IT security services and participates in security incident investigations
  • Plans and designs enterprise architecture, ensuring a common IT platform for all business applications
  • Responds to business intelligence needs across CalPERS enterprise

Information Technology Performance & Accountability Division

The Information Technology Performance & Accountability Division (IPAD) is responsible for the quality and performance of information technology products and services, including enterprise testing, system release management, technical recovery, financial and resource planning, and for providing internal support to the Information Technology Services Branch.

Customer Technologies and Support Division

The Customer Technology and Support Division (CTSD) provide a single point of contact for incident reporting and request fulfillment. In support of this, the division assists customers with problem resolution for all desktop related issues. Computer assets for desktop use are maintained and kept current by the division as well. Batch processing and print output processing are another function of the division.

Data Center Management Division

The Data Center Management Division (DCMD) is responsible for managing CalPERS Data Center. DCMD provides critical IT infrastructure services that support CalPERS daily business operations. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Telecommunications, Internet and data network management
  • CalPERS Call Center applications support
  • Network management
  • Server hosting, storage management, data backup and recovery
  • Systems monitoring and reporting, commercial application management
  • Operational recovery, equipment life cycle management, IT infrastructure systems analysis
  • Engineering, integration, and maintenance and operations

DCMD provides IT infrastructure support for all divisions within the Information Technology Services Branch.

Dated: 01-21-2014