External Affairs Branch

Consisting of three offices, External Affairs is responsible for advocating for CalPERS members and stakeholders by providing information and in-depth policy analyses to State and federal governmental entities. We create and maintain relationships with members and stakeholders to ensure the integrity of the CalPERS trust; promote CalPERS as a professional, responsive, well-managed organization; and build support for CalPERS policies and programs.

Office of Governmental Affairs

This office is responsible for identifying, monitoring, and representing CalPERS on State and federal issues that may impact our members and employers. They coordinate the analysis of State and federal legislation and advocate the policies and positions of the CalPERS Board of Administration in all appropriate governmental forums.

Office of Public Affairs

This office directs and supports effective communications, including member information, media relations, publications management and distribution, graphic design, video production, and internal communication. The Office of Public Affairs also manages the digital content and overall communications strategy for the main CalPERS and my|CalPERS websites, and our various social media channels.

Office of Stakeholder Relations

This office oversees all activities that directly connect CalPERS staff and leadership of key stakeholder groups, and ensures the development and maintenance of strong partnerships. This office hosts many recurring roundtables, briefings and forums designed to establish a clear line of communication between CalPERS and its key stakeholder groups, which include labor groups, employer and retiree associations and many other groups with a vested interest in CalPERS. Stakeholder Relations provides project management services and guidance on all issues that concern the stakeholders. They identify opportunities for key staff to represent CalPERS at industry conferences at the State, national and global level as well as organize and coordinate internal and external events for staff, such as large meetings, conferences, forums and educational events. This office also fields Public Records Act (PRA) requests received by CalPERS and ensures a timely and accurate response.

Dated: 04-29-2014