Customer Account Services Division

The Customer Account Services Division provides health and retirement account management for members and employers.

Health Account Services Section

  • Provides contracting, eligibility and enrollment services to over 1.3 million members and over 1,180 contracting agencies that participate in the CalPERS Health Program
  • Assists members in resolving issues with their health plan
  • Handles appeals and requests for administrative hearings
  • Processes dental enrollments for State retirees

Retirement Account Services Section

  • Processes and maintains payroll records
  • Performs employee compensation reviews to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and statutes
  • Performs service credit eligibility determinations and purchases
  • Handles reciprocity, safety reclassifications and PERS/STRS elections
  • Processes Alternate Retirement Program elections

Division Support Services Section

  • Provides overall administrative support for the division
  • Prepares CalPERS Annual Member Statements for more than 1 million active and inactive CalPERS members

Special Programs Management Services Section

  • Administers the Judges’ I, Judges’ II and Legislators’ Retirement Systems, providing a full range of retirement and health services to:
    • California superior court justices
    • Municipal court justices
    • Supreme court justices
    • Members of the Legislature (elected prior to November 7, 1990)
    • Elected Constitutional Officers
    • The Insurance Commissioner
    • Legislative statutory officers
  • Administers three Supplemental Income Plans for public agency and school employers: 
    • CalPERS Supplemental Income 457 plan - a Deferred Compensation Plan for public agencies and school employers
    • State Peace Officers' & Firefighters' (POFF) Supplemental Plan - an employer provided retirement benefit negotiated between the State of California and certain employee groups.
    • Supplemental Contributions Plan - an after-tax supplemental savings plan available to CA State employees.

Contract & Membership Services Section

  • Provides health plan marketing and contracting services for public agencies.
  • Provides ongoing retirement contractual assistance and employee enrollment services to public agencies, state agencies and school employers.

Dated: 02-03-2014