The California Public Employees' Retirement Law

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Public Employees' Retirement Law (PERL)
Lexis-Nexis publishes an annual publication titled the California Public Employees' Retirement Law, which contains the primary CalPERS constitutional provisions, statutes, and regulations. This online version provides a convenient search capability and historical notes.

This publication is produced primarily for the use of CalPERS staff and is not an official publication of the California Government Code or Code of Regulations. Please note that Lexis-Nexis only updates this site annually and that the information it contains is current as of January 1, 2015. In the event that information contained on this site is out of date or inaccurate, the current official version of the law will control.

Find the most current official versions of the laws and regulations pertaining to CalPERS below.

Office of the Legislative Counsel - Government Code
The Office of the Legislative Counsel maintains a database containing the current text of the California Government Code, which is updated daily - Monday through Friday. The sections of the Government Code pertaining to CalPERS can be found at Title 2, Division 5, Parts 3 through 8, Sections 20000 through 22970.89.

Office of Administrative Law - California Code of Regulations
Official regulations are maintained by the Office of Administrative Law. The current official version of the Code, which is updated weekly, is available online. The regulations pertaining to CalPERS can be found at Title 2, Division 1, Chapter 2, Sections 550 through 599.515.

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Dated: 03-27-2015