CalPERS Precedential Board Decisions, Administrative Appeals & Full Hearings

CalPERS is responsible for administering the Retirement Law, the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act, the State Employees' Dental Care Act, the Deferred Compensation Act, the Long-Term Care Act, and other programs, as well as the Judges', Judges' II, and Legislators' programs, which are all part of the California Government Code.

Occasionally, disputes may arise over the interpretation of these laws or an individual's eligibility for benefits. It is the Board's responsibility to resolve these disputes.

The CalPERS Board of Administration has the power to designate any of its decisions as a "precedential decision." The Board's policy on precedential decisions is found in the Resolution on Precedential Decisions.

Resolution on Precedential Board Decisions

Read the resolution that defines when the Board can designate a decision as precedential.

Index of Precedential Board Decisions

Review all CalPERS Precedential Board Decisions.

Administrative Appeals

Information, regulations, and general procedures for the administrative appeals process are available here.

Full Hearings

CalPERS provides policies and procedures for full hearings before the Board.

Dated: 12-04-2008