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California Public Employees' Retirement Law (PERL)
Find the statutes of Government Code and State regulations that govern our programs and services.

A Guide to CalPERS Community Property (PUB 38A) (PDF, 1.19 MB)
This publication explains the impacts on CalPERS benefits caused by divorce or legal separation and the methods CalPERS uses to divide community property.

CalPERS Model Domestic Relations Orders (PUB 38B) (PDF)
This publication provides sample court orders and instructions for completing them.

Facts at a Glance
Read our latest monthly compilation of statistics about CalPERS.

General Procedures for Administrative Hearings (PDF)
Learn about the CalPERS administrative hearing process. This information is of interest if you are appealing a CalPERS decision on disability retirement, final compensation, or other matters.

Guide to Web Resources (PDF, 1.83 MB)
This member guide provides tips on how to get the most out of CalPERS On-Line and my|CalPERS. It also provides information on other Web resources, such as our social media channels and online job application.

How to Register for and Access my|CalPERS (PDF)
Find tips for registering and accessing our member self-service website, my|CalPERS. View step-by-step instructions for registering for my|CalPERS, as well as what to do should you forget your username or password.

Internal Revenue Code Sec. 415 (b) Fact Sheet (PDF)
This fact sheet provides general information for members and employers about the federal tax law that places a limit on the amount of a CalPERS retirement allowance, and the CalPERS Replacement Benefit Plan that provides for the replacement of the amount limited by Section 415 (b).

Power of Attorney (PUB 30) (PDF)
Find information and instructions for designating a representative to conduct your CalPERS retirement affairs in the event you become incapacitated.

Refund/Rollover Election Package (PDF)
This package is for inactive members who would like to refund or roll over their CalPERS contributions.

Strategic & Business Plans
These plans help our organization meet the retirement and health benefits needs of more than 1.6 million members and participating employers.

Dated: 02-06-2015