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CalPERS Public Agency & Schools Reference Guide

The CalPERS Public Agency & Schools Reference Guide is available exclusively online. In addition to saving on production costs, this allows us to make changes more quickly and timely communicate the latest information. This online version should replace in its entirety any previous editions of the Public Agency & Schools Procedure Manual you or your staff may have.

This Guide is designed to assist you in your business transactions with CalPERS. We encourage you to make this Guide available to all staff who have the responsibility of enrolling employees into CalPERS membership or who convey benefit information to staff.

The Customer Service and Outreach Division (CSOD) uses this Guide to provide simplified explanations for often complex laws. Please keep in mind that should there be a conflict between the language in this Guide and the Public Employees' Retirement Law (PERL), the law will prevail.

Periodic updates about changes to CalPERS policies and procedures will be provided by Circular Letters and the CalPERS Employer Bulletin. If you are not enrolled to receive our Employer Bulletin, we strongly recommend you do so to stay informed with the latest in employer news.

If you have comments or suggestions for future editions of the CalPERS Public Agency & Schools Reference Guide, please Contact Us.

Public Agency & Schools Reference Guide

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Updates to this Guide are done on an as-needed basis.

Dated: 04-21-2014