Providing Public Comment

The Board welcomes public comments. Public comment periods are scheduled in each meeting agenda. Each speaker will be given three minutes to present comments.

You may sign up in advance to speak at a Board meeting by completing our online public comment form that’s available once meeting agendas are posted and until 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting. You'll find the link to our online form at the top of each agenda. You may also submit a request to speak upon arrival. Public comment forms are available in the back of the auditorium before each Board meeting.

If you have signed up online to speak at a meeting, you are required to check in with the staff person in the back of the auditorium or your name will not be called.

Tips for Public Commenters

  • The Chair will call you to the front when it is your turn to speak. Move to the front and sit in a seat before the microphone.
  • Begin your remarks by identifying yourself and your affiliation. For example, "My name is John Doe and I am with the Green Association."

Dated: 03-13-2013