Pension and Health Benefits Committee Agenda

Oversees all matters related to strategy, policy, structure, and actuarial studies and rate setting for pension, health, and long-term care program administration.

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Meeting Agenda for September 16, 2014

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9:00 a.m. - Open Session

Open Session

  1. Agenda Items
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call
    2. Executive Report(s) (Oral Report)Ann Boynton
    3. Consent Items
      Action Consent Items: Ann Boynton
      1. Approval of the August 19, 2014, Pension and Health Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes
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    4. Consent Items
      Information Consent Items: Ann Boynton
      1. Annual Calendar Review
      2. Draft Agenda for October 14, 2014, Pension and Health Benefits Committee Meeting
      3. California Employers' Retiree Benefit Trust Update
        1. Attachment 1
  2. Action Agenda Items
    1. Proposed Regulations - Parent Child Relationship Doug McKeever
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  3. Information Agenda Items
    1. Update on Proposition 46 - Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors and Medical Negligence Lawsuits Danny Brown
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      2. Attachment 2
    2. Supplemental Income Plans Program Update Jennifer Watson, Christine Reese
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    3. Long Term Care Program Semi-Annual Update Kathy Donneson
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      3. Attachment 3
    4. Considerations in Formulary Management Programs Kathy Donneson, Melissa Mantong, Marilyn Stebbins, UCSF
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    5. Public Comment


  1. Items designated for Information are appropriate for Committee Action if the Committee wishes to take action.
  2. The hour designated as the earliest starting time for this meeting is not intended to communicate the expected duration (or ending time) of the preceding meeting.
  3. Public comment may be taken on any Agenda item. There is a 3-minute limitation on each public comment unless otherwise directed by the Committee Chair.
  4. Board members may attend meetings of committees of which they are not members and participate in the discussions during those meetings.

Dated: 09-09-2014