Board of Administration Agenda

The CalPERS Board of Administration considers recommendations from individual Board committees and hears other matters related to the administration of retirement benefits and investment management.

(Agenda items are provided in a PDF format, which require Adobe Reader 8 or higher to view.)

Meeting Agenda for August 19, 2014

10:00 a.m. - Closed Session

Or Upon Adjournment or Recess of the Pension and Health Benefits Committee, Whichever is Later

Chief Executive Officer's Briefing on Performance, Employment, and Personnel Issues
(Gov. Code sections 11126(a)(1) and (g)(1))

Meeting Agenda for August 20, 2014

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8:00 a.m. - Closed Session

Chief Executive Officer's Briefing on Performance, Employment and Personnel Issues
(Government Code sections 11126(a)(1) and (g)(1))

9:00 a.m. - Open Session

Or Upon Adjournment or Recess of the Board of Administration Closed Session, Whichever is Later

Open Session

  1. Agenda Items
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Board President's Report (Oral Report)Rob Feckner
    4. Executive Reports
      1. Chief Executive Officer's Report (Oral Report) Anne Stausboll
      2. Interim Chief Investment Officer's Report (Oral Report) Ted Eliopoulos
    5. Consent Items
      Action Consent Items:Rob Feckner
      1. Approval of June 2014 Meeting Minutes
      2. Board Travel Approvals
    6. Consent Items
      Information Consent Items:Rob Feckner
      1. Board Meeting Calendar
      2. Draft Agenda for September 2014 Meeting
      3. General Counsel's Report
        1. Attachment A
    7. Committee Reports and Actions
      1. Investment CommitteeHenry Jones
      2. Pension and Health Benefits CommitteePriya Mathur
        1. Attachment 1
        2. Attachment 2
      3. Finance and Administration Committee (Oral Report)Bill Slaton
      4. Performance, Compensation & Talent Management Committee (Oral Report)Michael Bilbrey
      5. Risk and Audit Committee (Oral Report)George Diehr
      6. Board Governance Committee (Oral Report) Rob Feckner
  2. Action Agenda Items
    1. Proposed Decisions of Administrative Law JudgesRob Feckner
      1. Shahida Naz
      2. William M. McCormick
      3. Michael S. Fitzgerald
      4. Catherine Atkinson
      5. Susan Hale
      6. Juan R. Ruiz
      7. Sharon Franklin
      8. Angelina Bell
      9. Sophia Ibrahim
      10. Karen L. Hodges
      11. Thomas Stawicki
    2. Petitions for Reconsideration
      1. Tawnie Hansen
      2. Angela Dean
    3. Selection of Fiduciary Counsel Firms for InterviewsMatt Jacobs
      1. Attachment 1
      2. Attachment 2
  3. Information Agenda Items
    1. External Affairs/State and Federal Legislation Robert Glazier
      Tom Lussier, Lussier, Gregor, Vienna & Associates
      1. Attachment 1
      2. Attachment 2
      3. Attachment 3
      4. Attachment 4
      5. Attachment 5
    2. Public Comment

Closed Session

Upon Adjournment or Recess of Open Session, Whichever is Later

    1. Litigation Matters (Gov. Code section 11126(e))Matt Jacobs
      1. In re: City of Stockton (U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of CA, No. 12-32118); In re: City of San Bernardino (U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Central District of CA, No. 2-BK-28006); and potential bankruptcy litigation
      2. Gina Ratto
      3. Pending Litigation Settlement Negotiations - (Case Name Withheld under authority of Government Code section 11126.3(a))


  1. Items designated for Information are appropriate for Board Action if the Board wishes to take action. Any Agenda Item from a properly noticed Committee meeting held immediately prior to this Board meeting may be considered by the Board.
  2. The hour designated as the earliest starting time for this meeting is not intended to communicate the expected duration (or ending time) of the preceding meeting.
  3. Public comment may be taken on any agenda item. There is a 3-minute limitation on each public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Board President.
  4. The Board may adjourn into Closed Session to deliberate on any Proposed Decision(s) or Petition(s) for Reconsideration.

Dated: 08-26-2014