Promotional Exams

Promotional exams are open to CalPERS employees as well as veterans who meet the minimum qualifications.

In order to apply for Promotional Exams, applicants:

  • Must have a permanent civil service appointment with CalPERS as of the final filing date in order to participate in an examination
  • Must be a current or former employee of the Legislature for two or more years as defined in Government Code 18990, or
  • Must be a current or former non-elected exempt employee of the Executive Branch for two or more consecutive years as defined in Government Code 18992, or
  • Must be retired from the United States military, honorably discharged from active military duty with a service-connected disability, or honorably discharged from active duty as defined in Government Code 18991

The exam bulletin below contains salary information, minimum qualifications required and instructions on how to apply.

Note: It is important to read the entire bulletin carefully.

Promotional Exams Final Filing Date
Research Analyst I May 29, 2015

Dated: 05-15-2015