How to Apply

Obtaining employment with CalPERS involves a competitive testing and application process. We’ve grouped the process in two key phases:

PHASE I: The Examination Process

If you’re new to employment with the State of California, you must pass an open examination before applying for job openings. Follow these steps below to complete the examination process.

1. Search for an Exam – You may only apply for exams designated as "open" if you’re new to State employment. Browse current Open Exams. However, if you are a veteran you may apply for both open and promotional exams.

2. Apply for an Exam – Review the exam bulletin and determine if you meet all the criteria, including the minimum qualifications and location. Once you’ve determined you meet the stated criteria, apply for the exam by completing the Standard State Application (STD 678). Refer to the exam bulletin to determine the preferred method of applying for the exam.

3. Prepare for the Exam – The exam bulletin indicates the types of testing used for the exam. This may include written tests, structured (oral) interviews, supplemental applications, education and experience, or Internet exam. Review the “Examination Information” section to find what type of test will be used and how the test will be scored. Read the “Examination Scope” section to determine what knowledge, skills, and abilities may be tested.

4. After the Exam – Successful exam candidates are placed on an employment list and can start applying for job openings in the classification for which they have tested. State eligible lists are divided into ranks by score. Only candidates in the top three ranks are immediately eligible for appointment. Use the Eligible List Disclosure tool to monitor your list eligibility.

PHASE II: The Job Opening Process

Apply for a Job Opening – Once you’re on an employment list, you may start receiving contact letters from departments recruiting for classifications you tested in. You can browse current CalPERS job openings and apply for them online. After you apply for a job, you may be offered an interview. Interviews are designed to identify the best candidate for that specific job opening.

Note: The online application process is unique to CalPERS. To apply for jobs with other State agencies you will still need to submit a paper Standard State Application (STD. 678). You should always refer to the job opening bulletin to determine the State agency’s preferred method of applying for any job opening.

For more information about the exam and hiring process, visit the following areas of the State Personnel Board’s website:

Dated: 05-08-2015