At CalPERS, we care about your health. We want you to be healthy and stay healthy. And we want you to understand how the health care decisions you make can affect your well-being and the cost of health care.

We collect and analyze information on the health care costs for CalPERS members. And when you add up the experience of our members collectively, it generates opportunities for all of us to learn how to use our health care benefits more efficiently, stay healthy, and contribute to affordable health care for everyone.

Use our resources below to help you be well, and well informed.

Health Tips
We've put together these health tips and resources to help members get well, stay well, and get the best quality health care available.

Health Care Trends
View reports on health care trends and learn ways you can help control those trends that drive health premium costs.

Employer Tool Kit
Easily access "Be Well, and Well Informed" posters and flyers, and other wellness materials for use in the workplace to help your employees stay well and well informed.

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Dated: 04-13-2012